Welcome to the work and world of Sweet Unity Farms.

Our Mission

The work of Sweet Unity Farms is to enhance the economic position and quality of life for rural coffee farmers and their communities. Through direct trade relationships with coffee growers and farmers engaging as partners within the international coffee industry, Sweet Unity Farms strives to create a model of global citizenship wherein coffee excellence and human development move forward together.

The Farm

The Robinson family chose to become coffee farmers and part of a community of 3rd generation coffee farmers to better understand the challenges of coffee production in Tanzania and to create a base from which to begin a global coffee initiative. Bricks were formed from the soil on the farm. Homes were constructed. The family was strengthened through the marriage of David Robinson and Ruti Mpunda from the Tabora Region. Food crops were planted to sustain the family during the 4 years required for a first coffee harvest.

The Co-op

A successful coffee cooperative requires that farmers become more than just tillers of the soil. Mshikamano farmers became chairmen and elected representatives of the cooperative. Members began to develop the skills to be the coop’s bookkeepers and clerks. Education became an on-going and formal component of cooperative activities. The Sweet Unity Farms direct trade system became the catalyst to deliver the financial resources and administrative opportunities for farmers and the coop to continually enhance their skills and capacity.

David Robinson and Family

Almost 30 years has passed since the first coffee seedlings were planted on the Robinson family farm, grandchildren born on the African continent are now adults within a new generation across the globe working for quality in coffee and in life.

Farm to table

With the work and commitment of family and friends, a specialty coffee roaster was chosen and Sweet Unity Farms began roasting daily in small batches. Today Sweet Unity Farms coffee is roasted with pride and expertise by family owned roasters in New Jersey and California. Our coffees come exclusively from the top grades of 100% Arabica coffee beans that are cultivated by family-owned cooperatives in Tanzania and Ethiopia at over 3,500 feet above sea level in the rich volcanic soil of the Rift Valley. Our clients are lovers of high quality coffee, and the concepts of human development that enhances our lives and brings the global community together.

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